Vasyl Shklyar presents his new “Banderist” novel “Troscha”

Vasyl Shklyar presents his new “Banderist” novel “Troscha”

28 August 2017, 11:10 Роздрукувати

On August 23, writer, member of the UKROP party Vasyl Shklyar presented his new novel “Troscha” to the readers. The presentation took place in Ternopil. According to the author, it is in Ternopil region that he found a story for the book, so it is based on the real events. The main protagonist of the work is an UPA soldier, who cannot forget the memories of the war. The action in the novel takes place in 1947, when the Ukrainian Insurgent Army stopped an open armed struggle and went back into hiding.

The title of the book is symbolic. In Galychyna “troscha” means reed. There the rebels were hiding.

“But this word has many meanings. “Troscha” is also a catastrophe, massacre, destruction of human lives, destinies and characters. I was writing this novel with pain. You will feel pain when you will read “Troscha”,” the writer says.

The novel is written in Galician dialect. During the creation of the book, Vasyl Shklyar communicated with the UPA connective Anna Zelena and the commander of hundreds Myroslav Symchych.

“Troscha” is a novel about human’s victory over the circumstances, about the lasting struggle of the Ukrainians with the regime.

On August 24, on Ukraine’s Independence Day, at 14.00, Vasyl Shklyar will meet with the readers at Zbarazh Castle.