UKROP has managed to get recalculation of charges improperly made by Lvivgas

UKROP has managed to get recalculation of charges improperly made by Lvivgas

14 June 2017, 16:56 Роздрукувати

With active support of the UKROP members in Lviv, the residents of the city have got the second victory over the monopolist – JSC “Lvivgas”.

In particular, dwellers of the house on Volodymyra Velykogo Street, 46 have received a response from the National Commission on State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities (NKREKP), which has recognized an act of irregularity. According to the document, the fees for the use of gas by 9.8 cubic meters are considered illegal. This decision obliges JSC “Lvivgas” to recalculate unjustified limits of 9.8 cubic meters for legitimate 4.4 cubic meters.

The board member of the condominium of the house Yulian Slipetskyn, who was actively fighting against the monopolist JSC “Lvivgas” stresses: “Friends, if you have reports on irregularities of house counters, don’t be afraid to write complaints to the NKREKP demanding recalculation. We have fought for 8 months and we won.”

The chairman of the UKROP party faction in Lviv city council, Ihor Telishevsky has added: “This decision of the NKREKP on illegal actions of JSC “Lvivgas” is the second case in Lviv. It is an evidence of a true victory. We continue to defend the interests of the citizens, despite the reluctance of the deputy corps to support residents as during the last session deputies could not even vote for the abolition of the approved lists of houses for installation of communal gas meters. We still will continue to protect the interests of the community, despite the repeated delays in court hearings, and, of course, despite the actions of monopolists, who consider their mercantile interests to have higher priority than the requirements of the law.”

It is to be recalled, in Lviv due to the active actions of the dwellers of the house on Dragana Street, 30 – namely, the head of condominium Galina Lemets and the UKROP party, NKREKP has recognized the actions of JSC “Lvivgas” illegal and ordered to recalculate wrongly made charges. And now the court continues consideration of the case on illegal installation of gas meter in a house on Antonych Street, 22.