Oksana Tomchuk’s “clone candidates” apply for registration to the Central Election Commission

Oksana Tomchuk’s “clone candidates” apply for registration to the Central Election Commission

17 June 2016, 20:42 Роздрукувати

The list of candidates running for deputy seat at midterm parliamentary elections in the 27th constituency in Dnipro was joined by three “clones” of the UKROP candidate Oksana Valentynivna Tomchuk: Tomchuk Oksana Ivanivna, Tomchuk Oksana Valeriivna and Tomchuk Oksana Hrygorivna. The campaign chief of the representative of the “Ukrainian Patriots Association – UKROP”, the MP Andriy Denysenko has written about it on his Facebook page.

“The documents are submitted to the Central Election Commission, so we are waiting for registration by unlustrated Okhendovsky,” said Andriy Denysenko.

The MP has noted that “clone candidates” of the UKROP nominee submit their documents as self-nominated candidates and do it at the last moment. In addition, Oksana Ivanivna Tomchuk states in her profile that she is a member of the UKROP party, while this is knowingly false information.

Andriy Denysenko has emphasized that in the 27th district there is no candidate whose name would be identical to the name and surname of Tetyana Rychkova. Officially, she participates in these elections as a self-nominated candidate, but she is actually supported by the pro-presidential political force. Thus, the curator of her election campaign from the Presidential Administration and “Petro Poroshenko Bloc Solidarity” is the MP Sergiy Berezenko who has got into the Parliament after elections in the 205th district in Chernihiv, said the MP Denysenko. The campaign chief of the UKROP candidate has recalled that in the 205th district authorities also used the technology of “clone candidates”. In particular, there were two candidates with the name of Hennady Korban. While Sergiy Berezenko did not have any “dubbing candidates”.


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