Iryna Konstankevych: “Tomos-tour” is a part of the election campaign for Poroshenko

Iryna Konstankevych: “Tomos-tour” is a part of the election campaign for Poroshenko

16 January 2019, 12:03 Роздрукувати

The trips of the President Petro Poroshenko to the regions of Ukraine within the so-called Tomos-tour have signs of the election campaign. This was stated by the MP from UKROP Iryna Konstankevych in the program “Evening with Yehor Checherynda” on the air of Espresso TV channel.

“This can be observed on the example of the visit of our president Poroshenko to Lutsk. In particular, the use of Tomos during the liturgy for PR. Then he met with voters and promised to make roads and solve social problems,” she stressed.

At the same time, the MP from UKROP drew attention to the fact that, despite the existing signs of the election campaign during the “Tomos-tour”, the president is doing it within the framework of working visits at the expense of taxpayers without being on vacation.

“The president does not take a vacation. But all this definitely reminds an election campaign. Promises during these meetings do not correspond to his powers, but he says about it,” said Iryna Konstankevych.

According to her, the mass PR and populism can be observed not only on the part of the president, but also among the parliamentarians who have already registered as presidential candidates and use the parliamentary rostrum for campaigning. Iryna Konstankevych believes that such MPs should go on vacation until the election of the head of state.

“There should be some unambiguousness and some rules of the game for everyone. If you register as a presidential candidate – please, go on vacation and then run your election campaign,” she stressed. The representative of UKROP also emphasized that it is forbidden to conduct an election campaign using budget funds, that is, at the expense of the taxpayers.

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