The UKROP members Oleksandr Shevchenko and Ihor Palytsya talked to Ukrainians live in Facebook

The UKROP members Oleksandr Shevchenko and Ihor Palytsya talked to Ukrainians live in Facebook

18 July 2018, 16:03 Роздрукувати

On July 17, Oleksandr Shevchenko, participant of the UKROP party presidential primaries, and Ihor Palytsya, the member of the party presidium and the head of Volyn Regional Council, answered the questions from Ukrainians during a video chat on Facebook. In our material we offer an overview of the most interesting of them.

What will be with the customs clearance of cars with European numbers?

With the customs clearance of cars everything will be fine only when we change the power, – said Oleksandr Shevchenko. He stressed that the law, which was adopted in the first reading, is a big crime, since the clearance of the car worth 600 euro cannot be higher than 3 thousand euros. Ihor Palytsya has noted that with the help of this law the authorities allegedly try to replenish the state budget, but it is clear that in the end these funds will go into the pockets of the gang, which received their posts in 2014 owing to people who died on Maidan.

What is your attitude to the authorities?

The representatives of the current authorities have already begun to compete for the possibility to steal something, – said Ihor Palytsia. They are fighting against each other, but people will not live better because of this. Since 2014, nothing has changed for the better in Ukraine, life is getting worse, and people have less money. Yesterday I saw the speech of the President, who organized a manual audience for himself and talked about NATO. I want to ask him – who is he to speak seriously about this topic? He promised to finish the ATO in two weeks, but the conflict has been lasting for the fifth year already. The war continues, because they can earn money on it. All this is done in order to stay in power. The president tells Ukrainians that more money must be invested in the economy of the war. Meanwhile, they have no means to live, to educate their children, to buy food. The current Verkhovna Rada should be lustrated, as was done in 2014 with those who worked for Yanukovych.

What do you think about the pension reform?

The MPs adopted a law on pension reform, and if, according to this, pensioners received additional 200-400 hryvnias – this is a temporary positive decision, –commented Oleksandr Shevchenko. But he stressed that this reform is difficult to be called in such a way. In the opinion of the UKROP member, everything can be fine with pensions when salaries will grow, because the pension contributions are directly proportional to it. The minimum wage should be 500-700 dollars per month. Consequently, the pension will be 300-400 dollars.

What impact will have the meeting of Putin and Trump on Ukraine?

According to Oleksandr Shevchenko, Helsinki Summit has nothing to do with Ukraine. Ihor Palytsya agreed with the colleague, stressing that because of Poroshenko nobody entrusts Ukraine for a long time now. This is a result of a series of political steps, one of which was the arrest of Savchenko, for whom the whole world was fighting.

Does UKROP support social projects for disabled children and orphans?

We help any way we can – both disabled children and elderly people with disabilities, but this should not be just words, here it is necessary to act, – commented on Oleksandr Shevchenko, noting that all information about UKROP’s work in this direction Ukrainians can be found on the Internet on party and personal web-sites.

Do the UKROP headquarters work in the regions?

Oleksandr Shevchenko assured that the headquarters are working in all regions. The UKROP member noted that the main plan of the party is the renovation of power, and expressed the belief that UKROP would be supported by all who are tired of outrage that has been happening in the country for 27 years. We will hold the primaries and work closely with the communities, and we will work only with those who are entrusted by people, because politics is the highest degree of service to people, stressed the parliamentarian.

Is the fight against corruption effective now?

Both UKROP members expressed their conviction that current authorities are imitating the fight against corruption, since they have to actually deal with themselves. Everything stolen by Poroshenko and others, we will return to the state budget and give it to people, said Ihor Palytsia, – and this will not be the same as ephemerous three billions confiscated from Yanukovych – we will make it possible to see for what every kopiyka is spent.

How do you assess the situation with prevention of smuggling?

Answering this question, Ihor Palytsya has stressed that the authorities have mired in criminal inaction. At the customs there can be containers which say that there is wood, but there’s actually the electronics inside, – cited an example the UKROP member, – under the government of Yatsenyuk I offered to buy special scanners for customs officers, and even found investors who were ready to share the expenditure with the state 50 to 50. About 15 million dollars would be needed to close the entire perimeter of Ukraine, but the government is still thinking.

What should be done with privatization of state enterprises?

There are few cases when it works, – answered Oleksandr Shevchenko. But for the most part, state enterprises are components of corruption, they put their own directors there, and these enterprises are influenced by the ministries. Everything that is state-owned is inefficient. However, we should sell state-owned enterprises when the prices rise, and not when they cost a penny.

How to protect forests from massive deforestation?

We are in trouble with this issue, – commented on Ihor Palytsya. For example, in Volyn region, the officials say that the forest is threatened by some beetles and that’s why it should be cut off. Meanwhile, there is no such problem in Ivano-Frankivsk region. This means that the authorities gain profit from the Ukrainian forest. Those, who illegally cut the forest, should be put in jail for a long period. But nobody will do this, because those who have to do it receive compensation or are paid a percentage.

What do you think about the idea of reducing the number of MPs?

I quite agree with the idea of reducing the number of politicians and officials in general, – answered Oleksandr Shevchenko. The number of deputies can be reduced freely by several times. And number of officials even by ten times. We should use the experience of progressive countries – we should reduce the number of officials to a minimum, but give them decent wages. It all will work only this way.

Ending the live chat, Oleksandr Shevchenko summed up that Ukraine is a country with enormous opportunities, but we cannot use them. This is due to the fact that now the officials, coming to power, think that they have got Ukraine and can use state budget for their needs. However, each of them must remember that there will be those who will force to hold responsibility for everything. At the end a participant of the UKROP party presidential primaries said: “I cannot stand aside the events that are happening now, I want to change people’s lives for the better, give them decent salaries, decent retirement, decent social security. I’m not going to live at the expense of Ukraine – I will give up politics with everything I had at the beginning.”









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