Ideological platform



We are the union of patriots of Ukraine.

We are united by love for our country and its people regardless of the nationality, language, religion, social background, occupation or level of material well-being of each of us.

We love what we have, but, we are opened for different things. We value tradition, but we are future-oriented.

Our patriotism is a conscious decision to live and work for Ukraine. This is the readiness to defend our country by all means. This is a personal civic responsibility for today and tomorrow.

To preserve the country we have to do something that the political leaders and elites have failed to do over the past 24 years.

Our patriotism is the resoluteness, the will and the ability to change the country for the better.


  • Patriotism
  • Dignity
  • Freedom
  • Justice
  • Responsibility


  • Property rights as a basis
  • Law as guarantee
  • Ethics as support


  • The strong, independent, just and effective state, acting on behalf of the people of Ukraine and for the benefit of the people of Ukraine.
  • Dignity of each person and equality of all citizens before the law.
  • Fairness towards individuals regardless of their nationality, language, religion, social status and income.
  • An honest, open and responsible government.
  • The State for the favor of all citizens based on social justice.
  • Powerful army, volunteer corps and territorial defense troops capable to protect the Ukrainian state. Ukraine will not survive without a trained professional army and the national reserve.
  • Ukraine should become a a full-fledged actor in the global arena, and not a
  • Active citizens and influential community.
  • Socially responsible business.
  • Support to national science and culture, preservation of our cultural and historical heritage and mindful use of unique natural resources of Ukraine.



Our main task is building up a new state in Ukraine through a full dismantling of bureaucratic corruption system that has been destroying the country over 24 years.

The current Ukrainian government was built on the dreams of people, but not for people.

The state and its laws were created for officials seizing economic assets, looting the national budget and keeping power in their hands. In fact, the Ukrainian state does not exist - instead the country is ruled by the criminal system. 

This parasitic system initially sought to possess absolutely everything that the country can create.

To maintain its power, the system declared war on society, seizing the country.

The system was ready to kill for the sake of power.

Maidan won the battle, but the system has survived. A political nation was born, however the old state has remained as property of postcolonial bureaucracy.

That is why today the national wealth does not belong to Ukrainians. The things they get after the “split-up” by officials and oligarchs are just handouts.

This means: The revolution is not over. The system is still robbing the country. It is fighting for its survival, and thus - for keeping corrupt habits.

The revolution will be carried through in any case – either through uprising of the people or through the political transition of power from bureaucrats to citizens.

The first way poses a threat to Russian occupation. Therefore, we advocate for the peaceful political process that will accomplish the main task of the Revolution.

We could ascertain: change of personalities in power does not solve anything. Lonely reformers, honest and principled people will change nothing even if they hold high posts, because the system breaks and absorbs them. The system of government in Ukraine should be changed entirely. Otherwise survival of the state and nation will be impossible.

Justice will triumph only if the current system will be dismantled and the power in the country will be entrusted to responsible citizens.

When fundamental human and civil rights – from the right to life to the right to property – will be safely guaranteed by the new Constitution and ensured by new legislation.

Civil society should receive legal and effective mechanisms to control authorities at all levels. A new state must be built - not for the officials and oligarchs but for all the citizens, their children and grandchildren.



Step one: A “cleansing” of the state systems and civil service 

We must bring to justice those who had profited from the corrupt system for all post-Soviet years. Those guilty should incur severe punishment and be excluded from decision-making forever. The state apparatus and political parties should be completely cleansed of criminal legacy of the corrupt system. 

Without exception, all officials who hold or have ever held any senior positions in government bodies and local government, law enforcement, and judiciary must be tested for compliance their families’ income with the posts they occupy. And those who grew rich through corruption schemes, should be banned from working in the state apparatus.

These officials will be replaced by the new civil servants, who will be hired to a completely new state apparatus in open competitions and after training courses for state and local government in compliance with the best international standards.

All current political parties must pass re-registration in accordance with clear criteria:

  • transparency of financial reporting of a party,
  • real and effective party organizations operating in regions with 2/3 officially hired employees of staffs at all levels,
  • mandatory participation of political parties in elections at all levels.

The parties must not only compete for votes but also for financial support.

With the current extremely low level of confidence to political parties, we consider unacceptable the idea of government funding of parties.

The parties should hold public campaigns to attract contributions (fundraising), which, along with the voting will determine the degree of public confidence in the party programs.

Violation of the new rules for political parties must lead to the final cancellation of party’s registration and prohibition of party officials to engage in political activities in the future..


Step Two: A new Constitution and legal reset

The current Constitution has become a tool of power-sharing between different parts of the post-Soviet parasitical system. It can not provide the citizens with either freedoms or rights.

The constitutional process should be initiated with the general provisions of the new social contract that correlates with today's balance of social forces. A constitutional doctrine should contain the basic principles of the entire legal system.

The principles and provisions of the social contract and constitutional doctrine must constitute the basis of a new Constitution of Ukraine.

Its main mission is implementation of the rights and freedoms of human person and citizen, but not ensuring functioning of the state system. The state cannot determine the extent of human rights, and vice versa - the rights and freedoms of human being and citizen determine what the Ukrainian state should be like.

The implementation of fundamental rights and freedoms, civil, political and social rights should be protected and provided by constitutional provisions of direct action.

A new Constitution should be written by the Constitutional Assembly (Constituanta), the delegates of which will never be either elected to representative bodies or work in the executive branch. A new Constitution of Ukraine should be approved by a referendum.

Most of the current laws are written just to cover up corruption schemes or limitation of rights and freedoms.

Therefore, the entire existing legislation should be gradually "reset" and replaced by means of codification.

A new legislation of Ukraine shall be simplificated to 12-15 Codes, written in a language which does not allow any double interpretation.

It should be developed by independent lawyers and experts who will be protected from the influence of the authorities and oligarchic clans.


Step three: A cleansing of assets and restarting the economy 

Within one year, all industrial enterprises located and operating on the territory of Ukraine, having strategic importance to the economy and national security, as well as having critical importance for the lives of people in certain areas, should be required to open their final beneficiaries and conduct the mandatory placement of controlling stakes of its shares - first at the domestic and then in the world stock exchanges.

This is the real deoligarchization of the economy that is actually required by society. 

No owner or investor may have opportunity to stop the work of an enterprise on which the life and socio-economic stability of the country depends.

If the owner decides to close the business fitting these criteria, the government should have the right and the opportunity to introduce professional receivership for the period of nationalization.

After the nationalization, the receivership should be changed to permanent company management appointed under open and transparent competition.

The international management companies with a high rating and reputation should be involved in the management of state assets.

One of competitive conditions in attracting the management company should always be an obligation to provide employees with stable salaries and social packages.

The assets stolen by corrupt officials and oligarchs should be returned to the national property.

New sovereign and pension funds should become its owners on behalf and for the benefit of the people of Ukraine. Thus, all citizens will become owners of a considerable part of the national economy (on the example of Sweden, Norway, Singapore and a number of Arab countries).

On the basis of the returned enterprises, the new state shall build large vertically integrated budget forming companies. Control or blocking stakes in these enterprises should belong to the state, the rest should be sold on domestic and international stock exchanges.

The revenues of these companies shall be allocated to secure social obligations of the state to the citizens.

All the businesses and assets belonging to Russian owners, who supported the ideology of "Russian World" and / or aggression against Ukraine, shall be expropriated to Ukrainian national ownership without reimbursement. The aggressor has to pay for the war.

Illegally privatized enterprises should be returned to the national ownership through their purchase by state - for the purchase price and proven investments shall be reimbursed. The reimbursement may be in money equivalent or government debt instruments.

Strategic enterprises, which are necessary to set up budget-forming companies and which have been fairly purchased by their owners in the secondary or the stock market must be bought out by the state at market price.

To improve the efficiency of public companies, their management should be entrusted on international management companies with impeccable reputation who work in conditions of transparent reporting and are interested in increasing profitability.

The assets may be bought out at the expense of government debt instruments (bonds, debt securities and other instruments). This debt shall not be placed on the shoulders of the people and future generations, as the government does today. It can be gradually repaid by the proceeds of these new companies.

Natural resources of Ukraine and its industrial capacity still allow the creation of such companies in a number of key areas:

  1. National Mining and Metallurgical Company.
  2. National Oil and Gas Company.
  3. National Power Company.
  4. National Chemical Company.
  5. National Agricultural Company
  6. National Transport Company.
  7. National Defense Industry Company.

Even now, in crisis, these companies can produce billions of dollars of net income.

In addition, the work of these companies must comply with the fundamental principles of international antitrust legislation and promote the growth of competition in these industries.



New Ukraine shall be a state with social market economy, based on the synergy of public and private sectors, with a minimum and publicly controlled state apparatus, effective management of state assets, professional army, balanced system of social guarantees, favorable and attractive investment climate.

The main creators of new Ukraine, its main value are people, the human capital. The state should be such that every citizen would have the opportunity to realize their talents to the benefit of society and find a decent place in the social pyramid.

The government should direct its efforts for these objectives - from the education system to the guidelines for the hiring of officials.

Revolutionary changes in the administrative system are needed - the transition to the format of public policy and administration, and creation of a new class of managers who work in line with the best international standards.

The corruption relations will be broken if the appointment in the executive branch will be performed in the context of open competition with clear rules and civil society control.

To counter the recovery of corruption mechanisms, officials should receive adequate pecuniary and non-pecuniary motivation.

The work of officials should be evaluated in accordance with clear performance indicators - KPI.


Combatting corruption 

Corruption is a crime should be equated with treason. It shall be punishable with tough measures - including the use of capital punishment. Property of a corrupt official should be subject to confiscation.

Corrupt officials must be declared zero tolerance with inevitable and tough punishment for proven crimes.

But the most important in the fight against corruption is establishment of fair and independent judiciary and effective law enforcement, as well as reform of legislation and government institutions, and creation of state mechanisms and procedures where laws are applicable for all citizens.

Thus, public services will become available for citizens and business - without the resort to informal "aid" of officials.

At the same time we should destroy opportunities for spread of corruption. This means:

  • deregulate the economy, reducing to a minimum the number of permits, for this purpose the process of their receipt shall be carried out exclusively in electronic form. The permits that can not be eliminated should be received by notification;
  • reduce the state apparatus;
  • make fully transparent process of public procurement;
  • monitor spendings of officials and their families.


State System

The role of the central government should be limited to the role of honest arbiter and guarantor of rights and freedoms and social justice.

Ukraine should become a parliamentary republic.

Therefore, after the transition period is over, the president’s functions should be limited to ceremonial figurehead.

An absolute majority in the parliament should elect president of the country.

In the transition period a clear mechanism shall be adopted - the Law of Ukraine “On temporary investigatory commissions,” which determines the procedure of impeachment of the President.

The number of deputies of all levels should be significantly reduced.

The number of members of the Ukrainian Parliament shall not exceed 300, the deputies of local councils in towns with a population of 500 thousand- 1 million people shall not exceed 50, the number of deputies of the councils in towns and districts with a population of 100-500 thousand people should not exceed 30, the deputies of the councils in towns and districts with a population of 50-100 thousand people should not exceed 20.

District Councils in cities should be eliminated.

Overall, the number of local councilors should be determined by the decisions of local communities in local referendums.

Given the relevant decision of the Constitutional Assembly, supported by the national referendum a bicameral Parliament can be introduced in Ukraine, in which the lower house will represent the country on the principle of representation of a certain number of voters and the upper house will represent regions of the country on the principle of equal representation (2 members of Parliament) from each region.

Equal representation of regions will help establish the principles of decentralization and equal rights of the Ukrainian regions regardless of population.

The "quota" principle of distribution of public offices for party nominees shall be eliminated.

Politics should not affect professional activity in the field of public administration. The Parliament will form the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and other executive bodies.

The parties, who won elections to Parliament or local councils, can appoint their representatives for positions that will allow them to implement certain policies and strategies of the development of the country and its regions.

But the corps of senior executives responsible for the implementation of necessary state procedures and processes should be independent from political influence.

The state apparatus, in turn, shall not affect the political decision-making.

The number of civil servants shall be dramatically reduced - along with a significant increase in salaries for those proffesionals who will replace the old nomenclature.

Personnel arrangements of local government staff will be approved by the decision of the local community in local referendums to fit the budget of the local community.

Citizens should have the right to directly influence the decision-making process of the authorities at all levels, including through the introduction of a mechanism of electronic petitions, and by vesting real powers and veto power on public councils at all levels of authorities.

This right should be ensured, in particular, by the sufficient guaranteed right of every citizen to have access to the Internet at the expense of the state.



Our principled position is unequivocal: functions and powers should be redistributed to cities, towns and villages.

The maximum scope of powers should move to the level of local communities.

Central authorities should deal exclusively with the issues of national security and defense as well as provide a decent level of well-being and social support for all citizens.

We will provide communities with the right to freely dispose of at least 80% of the funds earned on their territories.


Courts and law enforcement system

Ukraine needs a new legal, judicial and law enforcement systems that primarily serve interests of all citizens.

It is necessary to ensure full independence of the judiciary from politics in the establishment of effective mechanisms of professional and hard, anti-corruption and public control.

Neither the representative (Parliament or council any level) nor the executive power (President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and other bodies of state or local government) can have any influence on the work of the High Council of Justice, selection of its members, proficiency assessment and selection of members of judiciary.

It is necessary to provide for a possibility of the election of reputable foreign lawyers to the High Council of Justice.

To create an accountable and publicly controlled judicial and law enforcement system the principle of election of local judges, prosecutors and police leaders shall be introduced. Juries must consider the grave and especially grave crimes.

Public security at the local level should be provided by local police, formed at community level with involvement of local citizens.


Freedom of speech

Public control over the power is impossible without free journalism and independent editorial policy of the media.

The media cannot belong to politicians or be controlled by them, and the impact of their owners must be limited to business process management, and business media products.

The function of bringing the information of public interest should be protected from the influence of their owners, which will be defined in the profile Code or the law.

Ukrainian media shall be withdrawn from oligarchs and demonopolized.

No one can have the number of media that collectively cover more than 25% of the audience in a particular segment (TV, radio, newspapers, Internet).



The economy of the new Ukrainian state will be based on the principle of equal competition.

The tax system will stimulate the development of business - regardless of size and industry sector. It will be highly automated and mostly converted into electronic form. Communication of entrepreneurs and citizens with officials will be reduced to a minimum.

Our principles of economic policy:

  • priority of honest labor, innovation and economic initiatives;
  • the state as a stimulant of strategic development, a regulator and guarantor of social justice and solidarity;
  • free enterprise, which operates under conditions of equal competition - the main source of wealth and jobs;
  • social economy based on economic dynamism and civic responsibility.

In order that the country could save and develop its economic potential, it is necessary not to cut jobs but keep those that exist and create new ones - in the industry and innovative areas that require skilled labor.

Programs of public procurement and public-private investments are needed in strategic sectors with high technological potential:

  • heavy mechanical engineering (especially energy equipment)
  • electronics
  • aerocraft industry
  • shipbuilding
  • space industry
  • nuclear industry
  • defense industry.

Agricultural land should be recognized the national treasure of Ukraine. The moratorium on selling agricultural land should continue, and leases should be reviewed in the interests of holders of land shares based on actual market rates.

Investments in agriculture must involve using targeted mechanisms for long-term lease.

The state should support the establishment and development of cooperative societies in different sectors of agriculture in order to increase the degree of processing and manufacturing of globally competitive foods.


Energy Independence Strategy

National security and sustainable economic growth is impossible without a developed and independent power sector. No state should have a leverage of energy blackmail of Ukraine.

We will present the program "New Energy for the new Ukraine", which will solve this problem without jeopardizing national interests.

The program involves the reconstruction of nuclear power plants, upgrading urgent renovation of equipment for thermal power plants (TPP), with average wear about 80%, readjustment of boilers to burning fuels other than gas (coal, fuel oil, pellets, biofuels). One of the strategic objectives of the program should be to restore full cycle of domestic production of heat-emitting nuclear elements (cartridges) for Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

For private households, small and medium enterprises, especially in areas with large depreciation of heating capacity, a national program for the installation of independent heating (boiler system, solar panels, etc.), subsidies and tax incentives to participants should be adopted.

The state should provide assistance to citizens in the implementation of energy conservation at the level of every house.


Foreign Policy

Over 24 years, Ukraine has not yet found its role as an actor in the system of global politics.

Now Ukraine is in the unique historic situation than the lever of world history is in its hands. But it will not last long.

The country has two paths:

  • to become the center of a new Europe and consolidate the role of the actor of regional and world politics


  • to turn into another Balkans, a hopeless periphery of Europe, but with worse climatic conditions and living standards.


The current government is leading the country along the second path. For a large country with strong industry and regional leadership potential the way to the Europe's periphery will end in degradation and decay.

Aggressive and toxic self-isolation of Russia disturbed the regional balance of power. From the status of center of gravity Russia is turning into a dangerous rogue country that provokes chaos in various regions of the world and which is opposed to the entire civilized world. Old Europe has no resources and political will to fully replace Russia.

Ukraine can take up this mission and become a new development actor and center of gravity for post-Soviet Europe. 

We offer a new foreign policy doctrine, which will enable Ukraine to occupy leading positions in at least three political spaces:

  • Baltic-Black Sea space
  • "post-Soviet", "new" Europe (former COMECON members and former Yugoslavia)
  • the global post-Soviet diaspora

The doctrine is based on the principles of sovereignty of states, freedom, democracy, priority of human rights and protection of commercial interests. 

Ukraine should strictly keep the course to join the EU and NATO. This is the development vector of our country and the basic guarantee of economic and military security. But Ukraine will be an equal partner in these bodies and not a victim-beggar.

This strategic goal includes:

  • establishing a system of regional security of the Black Sea-Baltic cooperation;
  • strategic partnership with the United States and the United Kingdom;
  • strategic Partnership with the EU;
  • active development of bilateral political and economic relations with all countries, which is contrary to the interests of the aggressive policy of Russia (Turkey, the Gulf monarchies, Israel, Japan, etc.);
  • the same relates to countries with large Ukrainian diaspora (Canada, Italy, Germany);
  • active interaction at all levels with the countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, that Russia is trying to use as the exponents of the “Russian World,” especially in the Balkans;
  • development of non-governmental tools to influence Ukraine in the world (Diaspora, political and economic pressure groups, the media);
  • creation of an alternative center of attraction for the post-Soviet population in the world and work with Ukraine sympathizers in the Russian Federation.


Relations with Russia

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Ukrainian-Russian relations have developed unevenly, often depending on the attitudes of elites, and not on the interests of citizens of the countries.

Before the Revolution of Dignity the Ukrainian elite had had not definite principles of relations with Russia. Meanwhile, Putin's regime of soft authoritarianism gradually turned into aggressive and hard one. His ideology of the “Russian World” is a new type of fascism, in which the totalitarian ethnic nationalism is mixed with imperial ambitions. This ideology is incompatible with the values of the civilized world, as reflected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Putin's war against Ukraine is a war against the values of the modern world, against all the people who share them.


Putin’s regime is not Russia

Citizens of the Russian Federation are the same victims of Putin’s regime and his predominant propaganda, as were the Germans in Hitler's Germany. Not all Russians support Putin's regime and aggressive war, there are those who are trying to fight against this madness in different ways.

The relationship between Ukrainians and Russians - economic, cultural, familial ones - cannot and should not be broken once and for all if these particular Russians do not share ideas of "Russian World".

Now the threat of the collapse of Ukraine and its absorption by an external aggressor – the Russian Federation - requires the consolidation of Ukrainian society as well as responsible and decisive leadership rather than cooperation with the enemy.

The trade and economic relations with Russia should be gradually minimized.

The businesses related to Russia in the production cycle will be offered the state reorientation program.

Ukraine must become energy independent from Russia.

For the period of conflict, visa regime should be introduced for Russian citizens in Ukraine.

The ideology of "Russian World" and public demonstration of its symbols should be prohibited in Ukraine as totalitarian and misanthropic.

The property of Russian citizens, who had ever publicly or financially supported the ideology of "Russian World" and / or aggression against Ukraine and/ or who occupy official positions and/or were put on sanction lists of the EU and the US, should be nationalized without compensation of its value.

Ukraine will support those Russian citizens and associations who oppose the Putin regime and the ideology of “Russian World.”

The format of peace talks with Russia should expand to participation of at least a single representative of the EU (Brussels), USA, UK, Poland, Belarus and one of the Baltic countries (on a rotational basis or with a sole representative of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia).

Restoration of full-fledged relations with Russia is possible only after the return of the occupied territory, including Crimea, payment of reparations and an international tribunal for senior officials of Russia, guilty of international crimes in Ukraine, as well as Russia’s official public denial of imperial ambitions and ideas of “Russian World.”

Ukraine will make every effort to organize such a tribunal soon. To do this it is necessary to urgently ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.


Crimea and conflict in Donbas

The Crimea peninsula should be recognized annexed territory, and particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions shall be recognized occupied territories.

But if Ukraine takes a passive position, as does the current government, then Ukraine will lose these territories permanently.

This position increases sympathy of Donbas residents for the separatists and the Russian Federation in the areas which are now under Ukraine’s control and so creates a threat of their annexation and leads to destabilization in other regions east and south of Ukraine.

To return Donbas and Crimea under Ukraine’s control, we should actively work with the residents of these territories to show that they and their children have more prospects, rights, freedoms and opportunities in Ukraine than under the occupation of a rough country.

Principles of policy on the occupied territories:

  • Donbas and Crimea are Ukraine, there the citizens of Ukraine live and the state is responsible for them.
  • IDPs from the occupied territories loyal to Ukraine should be provided adequate social assistance, including housing and jobs.
  • Citizens of Ukraine should receive full state support in protecting property that remained in annexed and occupied territories.
  • Areas of Donbas under Ukraine’s control should be provided strong economic support; they should become a "showcase" of reforms.
  • The problem cannot be solved "big blood" - Ukraine has enough leverage to change in its favor the mood of local elites and ordinary people.
  • Policies regarding invaders and separatists should be fundamentally different because they have different goals and interests; direct talks without the participation of Russia and its representatives shall be conducted with separatists.
  • During the period of Russian occupation, the economic relations with these territories should be discontinued; social obligations should be suspended; pensions and benefits for this period will be paid in full after control over the territories will be regained and only to citizens who did not participate in terrorist groups and did not work in the occupation administration.
  • Until Ukraine is able to regain control of the border with Russia, interactions with these regions should be reduced to humanitarian and education, first of all to organize a powerful information campaign aimed at changing political values of its residents.
  • Upon reintegration these regions should not have an official status different from others, but their characteristics should be considered in public policy.
  • After the conflict, all citizens of Ukraine shouls be granted amnesty under the Geneva Conventions of 1949.


National security and defense

Ukraine's membership in the EU and NATO is not only a basic guarantee of economic and military security of the country, but also the development vector of the young state.

The basis of the country defense should become a professional army on a contract basis in which each serviceman will be provided with high salary and social benefits for his family.

Volunteer corps should become a part of national security and defense, and its members should be provided with sufficient material allowances and social benefits. This volunteer corps will be open to service foreign citizens wishing to take part in the defense of Ukraine.

If the threat of Russian aggression remains, the 12-months term of military service shall be maintained with the possibility of its performance both in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Volunteer Corps, and the alternative public works.

The service on conscription will provide a basis for territorial defense forces (on the model of the Nordic and Baltic countries).

The doctrine of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should be developed in accordance with NATO standards and strategies that will enable maximum efficiency of domestic military-industrial complex.

The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms is a guarantee of national security and defense.


Citizenship of Ukraine

Persons supporting separatism should be deprived of Ukrainian citizenship.

The possibility of obtaining citizenship of Ukraine shall be provided to loyal investor into the country’s economy, as well as Ukrainian patriots in the Diaspora and foreign citizens who participated in the defense of Ukraine from Russian aggression and occupation.


Health, education, social security

The State should be the regulator and guarantor of social justice.

We strive to implement in practice the basic social rights: education, health, decent job, social security, housing and a healthy environment.

State (public) health facilities should be upgraded with the support of business.

The state should guarantee all citizens a high quality free emergency and primary health care, and free wide range of quality health services, which is determined by a special law, which includes, in particular, services in antenatal clinics and maternity hospitals, the treatment of severe chronic and deadly diseases in particular, addictions, and palliative care, including hospices.

The state should provide health insurance to all citizens who are on state support, state employees and children

The state is obliged to ensure high standards of health insurance world level.

Citizens should have the right to replenish additional personal accounts in the pension fund and new fund for social and medical insurance. Safety of these means should be guaranteed by the state.

Citizens should have the right to bequeath balances on these accounts.

The school teacher must be relieved of administrative dictate, the post-Soviet buildup on school (departments of education) needs radical reduction. School directors should be elected by the teaching staff, with mandatory participation of parent committees.

Universities will be granted wide autonomy, and every high school graduate should receive a personal grant for higher education - according to the results of testing. The most talented will study in the best universities of the world at Ukrainian government expense.

Citizens living in areas of high environmental risks, should be provided with additional payments to their health insurance bills.